Hey there! My name is Lea and I'm an Nineteen-year-old girl from Germany who loves writing songs, playing the guitar and singing. When I was about ten years old, my dad and I drove home from a vacation trip to Hamburg and suddenly I had this line in my head 'Komm gib mir deine Hand wir reisen in ein anderes Land'. I was like: 'I need something to write, give me something to write!' So my dad handed me an old bill to write it down. That's how it all started...At home I translated it in english. After that I wrote many songs. They were more poems than songs because I didn't have melodies for the texts...but I always used to call them songs; I knew I wanted them to become songs someday. When I was twelve years old I started playing the guitar.

Before that time I tried to play Cello but it never touched me the same way my first guitar did. I was sure that this is my instrument straight away! Finally I was able to connect my lyrics with melodies and actually made real songs. It's my passion until now and I'm sure it'll be forever.

It was my dream to put those songs on an album since I started making my own music and I'm so happy with the result. Its fascinating how a song changes when you record it and add bass, add piano, add drums and so on…then suddenly the song you played in your bedroom becomes what you imagined it to be.

For a long time I thought about how to call this first album. The songs originate from a period of time when I was 14 years old 'til the age of 18... I wanted the title to represent them all. So I ended up with 'Undone Chapter' because to me every single song is an 'Undone Chapter' in some way. Every song has its source in thoughts which hunt you, in thoughts you can't get rid of. Maybe it's about chasing after your dreams, about a relationship you don't want to change or about falling in love... the reason you can't stop thinking about these things is that for you the chapter ain't finished yet.

I hope that your chapters will always be finished. Even if one ends badly it is still better than living with the unknown and the unability of letting go. Otherwise it may be difficult to start a new blank page.



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